ANDREJA is our second mother. She is always with us, no matter the ups and downs. She often says that we are making her day and we are proud to do just that day after day. We guess she is delighted to have us ;-) Her favourite among us is Zucchero.

If you need any information, please get in touch with Andreja by phone 00 386 31 797 012 or by mail:

LEONARD is our best asset on the human side when it comes to action. He is desentizing us 24/7, taking care of our fur. He is taking charge for our presentation and promotion on every journey we take in the outer world, and he means business! His favourite is Zest.
SEBASTIEN is our committed sponsor and he has been surrounded by cats for as long as he can remember. His favourite is Zen.
TOGETHER: We are committed to the good health of our cats, about their character as well as their looks. This is important for us, and this is important for you in order to have a lasting friendship. We will make sure our prodigies find a warm, welcoming, loving, caring committed family. Together our favourite is Ulala, she brought us to new places, we met new friends thanks to her. We trust her, she is a dedicated Mum. It is simple: without her, our world as we know it wouldn't exist. We are proud to have her with us and to share with you all the pleasures that having a Maine Coon entitle you to!
We live in Bucka, 8276 Slovenia
You can reach us by phone: 00 33 31 797 012

Fell free to contact us for any information

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